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Successfully identifying your strengths and your areas for improvement is only the first step in becoming an effective leader. Today’s leader must have the skills, qualities, and values to adapt to the needs of others, inspire hope and display a paradoxical blend of compassion and strength of conviction.

KEY Leadership Group, LLC provides all levels of leadership and individual contributors with a full range of development options designed to:

  • Increase self-awareness and awareness of others you must influence
  • Challenge your existing thought processes to enable desired behavior shifts
  • Increase your employee’s productivity through the utilization of key leadership skills, knowledge and tools

Coaching & Assessment Tools

Coaching and development is a deliberate and circular six step process that includes the following:

  1. Identify personal and professional goals
  2. Build greater self-awareness of strengths and areas for development (including the perceptions of others) using a variety of tools
  3. Internalize necessary behavioral changes
  4. Develop a plan of action
  5. Execute the plan and obtain feedback on progress.
  6. Continually refine one's skills and learn from feedback

The coach and the individual reach agreement on a “coaching contract” that targets specific objectives and goals to be achieved as a result of the coaching engagement.


  • Gain greater clarity on career goals, interests and alignment with organizational culture
  • Increase self-awareness through various tools
  • Develop key communication styles that will result in effective group communication
  • Construct a targeted development plan to reach your goals
  • Enhance employee performance
  • Build more productive relationships up, down, and across the company

The Engaging Leader

The engaging leader curriculum is designed to help leaders at all levels and fast rising individual contributors capture the hearts and minds of their followers. If you want to learn the traits and skills required to be an effective leader: this course is the key. The five curriculum offerings include one day and four essential half-day programs that can be delivered as stand-alone sessions, bundled together into an integrated curriculum, or offered as a part of a larger company initiative.

SLII® - A Situational Approach to Leading Others

SLII® is the latest and most comprehensive, and practical method of effectively managing and developing people, time, and resources in the world. SLII® provides leaders with a model and the tools for creating open communication and developing self-reliance in those they manage. It is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development.


  • Diagnose the competence and commitment of employees to perform a given task
  • Coach employees using the most appropriate leadership style given the situation
  • Increase employee engagement, retain talented team members and positively impact business results

Building Trust

Trust is the key ingredient to a healthy and productive relationship. Forging a partnership with your team members, group leaders, peers, family and friends depends on the degree that trust is prevalent. Many factors account for the level of trust. Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose requiring a "daily deposit" and offering a very high rate of return.


  • Develop greater awareness of the elements of trust and the actions required to build trust
  • Understand the importance that trust plays in achieving business goals
  • Design an action plan to become a more trustworthy leader
  • Increase level of employee innovation and risk taking

Giving Feedback

Feedback is a critical element in coaching and helping others to develop their full potential. People want to hear what you appreciate about them and what will make them even more effective. Giving effective feedback, however, does not come naturally as it requires very specific communication skills. Poor feedback and management styles can negatively impact relationships and business performance.


  • Develop the critical skills to provide people with the type of information that helps them become a better team member or leader
  • Deepen relationships with people that look forward to your feedback
  • Increase competence and commitment
  • Improve levels of trust and team integrity
  • Increase levels of productivity and retention of top talent

Challenging Conversations

Many people are reluctant and/or lack the skills necessary to effectively handle challenging, intense, or emotionally charged conversations and topics. Communicating honestly, with a focus on the desired results, is one of the most critical qualities to building an effective team.


  • Gain the key techniques necessary to transform difficult emotions into productive energy by initiating challenging conversations
  • Develop greater confidence in delivering difficult messages, giving performance feedback and confronting challenging behaviors without alienating others
  • Handle anger, silence, or tension effectively while maintaining the team integrity and strength
  • Promote quicker and more creative problem solving


People need to know they are heard. In any group environment, effective listening may be the most important key skill for becoming a great team leader in the workplace. Many leaders believe that they are good listeners, while their employees feel otherwise. This causes tension and stress in workplace relationships. Learning the skills to listen effectively is a must-have trait of great leaders.


  • Expand your repertoire of what you listen for
  • Learn to listen with the intent of being influenced
  • Help you master the skills of inquiring, paraphrasing, and summarizing feelings
  • Shift from giving advice to facilitative problem solving
  • Improve workplace relationships and increase alignment
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