The Liability of Liberalism: Utter Contradiction

The Liability of Liberalism: Contradicting themselves.

Our resident “I Hate Conservativiots” Progressive offers us the following:

No more racist star spangled banner as national anthem.

There are historians (notably Robin Blackburn, author of The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery, 1776-1848, and Alan Taylor, author of “American Blacks in the War of 1812”), who have indeed read the stanza as glorying in the Americans’ defeat of the Corps of Colonial Marines, one of two units of black slaves recruited between 1808 and 1816 to fight for the British

Yes who wouldn’t have “read the stanza” (if they did read the stanza in this way) as glorifying in the defeat of individuals recruited to fight for the British?

Isn’t that what the American revolution was about, i.e., defeating the British tyranny?

These are Liberals. This is the contradiction of Liberalism.

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