Tin Foil Hat Liberalism: Another Russia Story Debunked

Two Liberals are out “raising awareness” of the Russian hack of our 2016 Presidential election:

“aRussia-Russia-Russia-Russia, hack-hack-hack-hack, voting-HACK, voting-HACK…voting…wait…”
“Voting hack?”
“Yeah dude do the mantra dude what’s wrong with you?”
“Yes? ’But’ what?”
“But we’ve already said voter fraud is a myth…”
“LOL – so what moron?!?! Who cares? If we repeat the lie long enough someone will believe us!”
“Okay…but I feel kinda weird.”
“No worries. Lying is like heroin, at the first couple of shots you get sick, but the next one makes you feel gooooood…”
“Alrighty then!”

Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet?

Last Friday, most major media outlets touted a major story about Russian attempts to hack into U.S. voting systems, based exclusively on claims made by the Department of Homeland Security. “Russians attempted to hack elections systems in 21 states in the run-up to last year’s presidential election, officials said Friday,” began the USA Today story, similar to how most other outlets presented this extraordinary claim.

This official story was explosive for obvious reasons, and predictably triggered instant decrees – that of course went viral – declaring that the legitimacy of the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is now in doubt.

Virginia’s Democratic Congressman Don Beyer, referring to the 21 targeted states, announced that this shows “Russia tried to hack their election”:

MSNBC’s Paul Revere for all matters relating to the Kremlin take-over, Rachel Maddow, was indignant that this wasn’t told to us earlier and that we still aren’t getting all the details. “What we have now figured out,” Maddow gravely intoned as she showed the multi-colored maps she made, is that “Homeland Security knew at least by June that 21 states had been targeted by Russian hackers during the election. . .targeting their election infrastructure.”

They were one small step away from demanding that the election results be nullified, indulging the sentiment expressed by #Resistance icon Carl Reiner the other day: “Is there anything more exciting that [sic] the possibility of Trump’s election being invalidated & Hillary rightfully installed as our President?”

So what was wrong with this story? Just one small thing: it was false. The story began to fall apart yesterday when Associated Press reported that Wisconsin – one of the states included in the original report that, for obvious reasons, caused the most excitement – did not, in fact, have its election systems targeted by Russian hackers:

Read the full story: https://theintercept.com/2017/09/28/yet-another-major-russia-story-falls-apart-is-skepticism-permissible-yet/

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