Conversations with Liberals: Ban Football

Got this the other day from our “I Hate Conservativiots” friend:

Ban football. 

Check out this article from USA TODAY: 

Ex-Patriots star Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE, examiners conclude 

No worries Liberals. Liberalism is already well on its way to destroying American football.

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2 Responses to Conversations with Liberals: Ban Football

  1. I Hate Conservativiots says:

    Is it liberalism destroying it or is football destroying itself? The troll offers no evidence for liberalism having any effect whatsoever. None if his links even mention the word liberal or liberalism for declining ratings or attendance.

    Yet again thd stupid troll asserts his drivel without supporting evidence.

    Taxpayers have been stiffed for decades building stadiums for billionaires that promised economic benifits that never materialized. Sounds like republican tax cuts, eh?

    Meanwhile its gladiators were near 100% maimed, damaged, and exploited.

    Sounds like conservativiot voters, eh?

    Good riddance football. No more high school sports. School is for learning. No more taxpayer support for sports. It doesn’t pay back much less pay off.

    Dumbass conservativiots never learn.

  2. Doesn’t seem to have affected High School or College football at all.

    Why Haven’t College Football Ratings Fallen Like the NFL’s?

    Check this out too:

    Saturday’s Texas-USC had more in attendance than Sunday’s Rams and Chargers games. Combined.
    “Los Angeles is an NFL town!” – the 30 people who bought tickets.
    by Christian D’Andrea@TrainIsland Sep 18, 2017, 12:22pm EDT

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