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Now let’s go off the theme just a bit.

Instead of murderous violence when Liberals rule, what about prosperity? Does the common man benefit from greater prosperity when Liberals are at the helm of power? Can the Liberal’s in power even afford for the masses under their subjugation to experience true prosperity, the kind born from a good paying job from a thriving business in a free market environment, while the Liberal can still be voted out of office?

Or does the Liberal look to provide just enough subsistence for the common man to keep him quiet, while the Liberal enriches himself eating and drinking and making merry with other bourgeois Liberals?

Well think about it. The Marxist Democrat demagogues Capitalism as evil and instead pushes the Command/Control State as the sole means for economic production. How can the Liberal allow business to thrive, to compete, to innovate, to provide good paying jobs to the common man?

The answer is he cannot.

If the common man is prospering with a good job in a good economy, why in the world would we need the Liberal?

We wouldn’t.

And so if that reason for Liberals goes away because of economic freedom, what incentive is there for the Liberal to allow such freedom? The Liberal’s first goal is to make himself fat at the same government controlled table from which he subjugates the common man to whatever crumbs the Liberal decides to allow us to eat.

Evidence you say? I’m so glad you asked!

Which city in the nation has the highest poverty rate among major U.S. cities? That would be Philadelphia, PA.

Which political party has been ruling Philadelphia since 1952?

That would be…you guessed it…Democrat. The last year a Republican held the office of mayor in Philadelphia was 1952.

Do you know how much the current mayor of Philadelphia “earns” in salary? In the city with the highest poverty rate in the nation among major U.S. cities (according to the mayoral salary is $198,658.

Now I don’t know about you but I smell the putrid stench of bourgeois Liberals wafting around my nostrils.

Do you believe Marxist Democrats care about you? If you do, why do you believe it? The evidence is mounting that wherever you go in the country, if a Democrat is in power you’re in misery, your safety is in jeopardy, your fellow countrymen are in poverty. Does it seem to make more sense now that in America, once the land of the free, there are +/- 48,000,000 people in poverty and on government assistance (subjugation), and 94,000,000 unemployed?

Can the Liberal afford for we, the common man, to prosper?

If we prosper, they don’t.

Who do you think the Liberal will choose in that case?

These are Liberals. This is Liberalism.

Newall: A few blocks from the DNC, tales from the city with the highest poverty rate among major U.S. cities

Richard Henry and Robert Jones took a break Tuesday from their maintenance jobs and sat on a ledge outside the Municipal Services Building to watch the protests that had overtaken the plaza.

From a stage, a woman crooned for the cheering crowd a shaky soul song – an original, it seemed: “Feeeel the Berrrnn.”

There was a Bernie supporter in a Superman costume and another in Bernie jammies. There was guy bearing a large wooden cross on his shoulder with the message, “Vote 4 Jesus.”

And there were some “Hillary for Prison” guys who seemed about ready to rumble with a few masked Communists.

Henry, 50, and Jones, 48, finished their cigarettes in the unforgiving heat. They had seen enough. Both work other jobs to survive; Henry works three. Neither has health insurance. They live in violent pockets of West Philadelphia. They had heard enough.

There are two cities in Philadelphia this week.

The one that has moved in for a few days – the media, the delegates, the protesters of all the stripes – and the one we live in every day. The one of contradiction and divide. The one with a downtown bursting with new growth and neighborhoods plagued by the highest poverty rate of any big city in the nation.

The one where working men like Henry and Jones sit on a bench in a Center City that is becoming shinier by the day and talk about the neighborhoods where they live. Neighborhoods just a few miles away that might as well be a universe away. Neighborhoods plagued by poverty and hunger – the types of issues that have not garnered nearly enough attention during this bizarre and frightening election.

God help us all if Donald Trump wins. But how is it that two nights into a Democratic National Convention held in a city where one out of four people lives in poverty, where one of five children goes without enough food, where 700 people sleep on the streets each night, the words hunger or homelessness have barely been mentioned from the lectern, if at all?

When the circus leaves, we will remain, as will our problems.

It was a point not lost on David Brown. He sighed as he watched the protesters, wishing the crowds were clamoring for something else: the end of homelessness.

I know David, having written about him. For more than 20 years, he slept on benches on the Parkway or inside refrigerator boxes in a lot next to the Free Library. Three years ago, he finally accepted a Project HOME outreach worker’s plea to come inside. Now he lives in an apartment and manages a boutique.

Having seen enough, Brown left the protests and walked to the library, passing the benches where he once slept.

At the Free Library on Tuesday, Project HOME was holding its own DNC event, “Stories From the Margins.”

David talked about all those nights inside refrigerator boxes.

Ericka Brown, no relation to David, talked about the five years she lived on city streets and in shelters with her three children before she arrived at Project HOME. She now works for Project HOME as a digital literacy instructor. Her oldest is in college, while another child is thinking of joining the Air Force.

Nasir Fears, 21, of North Philly, talked about the seven years he said he spent off and on the streets after his family rejected him when he came out of the closet. How he is now working for Wawa and pursuing his nursing certification.

“I wanted my story to be heard,” he said.

They were the types of stories, the types of voices, that need to be heard this week amid all the speeches and the shouting.

Project HOME had invited delegates and press and anyone in town for the DNC to come hear the stories of former homeless people.

“There will be lots of speeches, lots of rhetoric this week,” said Sister Mary Scullion, the saint who runs Project HOME. “But so many voices will not be represented.”

A few dozen people showed up for Tuesday’s event at the library, but only a few press and six delegates came. No politicians made time for it.

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