TheStupidItHurts: The Baltimore Debacle

So. The travesty is finally over. At least for those of us who haven’t unjustly had their careers ruined, their lives threatened and their names run through the mud.

With regard to Freddie Gray, Liberals in Baltimore have dropped all charges on the remaining officers that would have been acquitted anyway, just like the ones that went before them.

Now what Liberals?

What nonsense will you spew out of your mouths now? Another conspiracy theory perhaps?

Did the Liberals in the DA’s office succumb to pressure from the right-wing media perhaps? Maybe Trump supporters scared them into submission? Is that what happened?

Well speak UP Liberals!! Tell us all about it! What lies, deceit and trickery will you try on us now? How will you try to incite the masses into violence now?

Do you believe Liberals want peace in the nation? If you do why do you believe it? What need would there be for Liberals and Liberalism if there were peace, prosperity and happiness??

How could Liberals continue to increase their political power and personal wealth if you don’t vote for them? Why would you vote for them if the nation is healthy?

Have you been watching the Democrat convention? Have you noticed how HORRIBLE the state of the Union is according to Liberals right now?

Who’s been in charge for the last 8 years?

You’re not a moron if you can’t see the truth, but you are a moron if you refuse to see it.

Freddie Gray case: Charges against three remaining officers dropped

Prosecutors dropped all remaining charges against three Baltimore police officers accused in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray in a downtown courtroom on Wednesday morning, concluding one of the most high-profile criminal cases in Baltimore history.

The startling move was an apparent acknowledgement of the unlikelihood of a conviction following the acquittals of three other officers on similar and more serious charges by Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams, who was expected to preside over the remaining trials as well.

It also means the office of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby will secure no convictions in the case after more than a year of dogged fighting, against increasingly heavy odds, to hold someone criminally accountable in Gray’s death.

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