RE: TheStupidItHurts: Resurgence of Reason

Ah, my good friend, the Democrat Socialist Alinskyite Liberal, responds to this post below. I urge you to carefully read through his response. More than once if you have to.

What I want you to notice is the paranoia, the conspiracy, the irrationality, i.e., the pathetic sad psychological state of modern Liberals who believe in Liberalism. Notice the parroting of the movement. There’s no evidence of critical thinking on the part of Democrat Liberals. It’s all about the Cause and that’s it.

Friends, brethren, countrymen I hope you’ll listen to me. I hope you won’t doubt me.

This is your modern Democrat party. These are those who you will allow to rule over you if you vote Democrat.

These are Liberals. This is Liberalism.

Not guilty is not the same as innocent. Ask OJ. 

Freddy gray had asthma, and was denied medical treatment. Those are the facts in evidence. That is negligence. Even if it did not rise over the obstacle of the bullshit legal definition of gross negligence it certainly should have.  

Thrashing around from asthma convulsions? Just call it being rowdy and restrain him some more. Dead men can’t give their side of the story. 

Want to kill someone in jail? Just feed them a Micky Finn of oral cannibus in their food or drink, prop their unconscious body up in a noose, and voila, suicide by hanging. Just say you have no idea how someone in jail got drugs in their system after weeks in your jail. Bonus: you get to blame the victim. Sandra bland. No grand jury will indict. 

Perp runs away? Shoot to kill. Nevermind how trivial the offense he was running for. Oh Freddy gray did nothing at all but run, arrest him anyway. Hurt him enough putting the handcuffs on, and squirming from the pain is resisting arrest. Now you get to hurt him some more. Beat him into submission with nightsticks like Rodney King. 

Cops aren’t racist, they’ll use excessive force on anyone, even your grandma. All they have to do is claim they thought you were reaching for a weapon whether you were or not, and they go scott free. 

No knock warrant on the wrong house? They’ll shoot you anyway even if you think they are burglars kicking the door in and try and defend yourself.  

Dead men can’t defend themselves in court. The judge only hears one side of the story. -Theirs. 

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