TheStupidItHurts: The Liability of Liberalism

Like voting modern Democrat do you? Does it make you feel better somehow? Do you believe the modern Democrat Liberal cares about you and your problems?

Mother Jones (a bastion of Liberal “thought”) did an interesting piece on the number of mass shootings from 1982 to 2016 (including Dallas). What do you think they found?

Modern Democrats tell us they’re the party of inclusiveness, love, peace, hope, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, etc., and therefore you should continue to vote for them on that logic.

Ok let’s grant them that premise.

If that were so, one would not be irrational to believe that when they’re in power there should be peace. After all, if the party of peace and love is implementing solutions based on peace and love there should be peace and love should there not?? But is there peace and love when Democrat Liberals rule, or is there violence, hatred and strife?

Let’s look at the empirical evidence according to Mother Jones:

From 08/20/1982 to 12/05/2007 (25 years) there were a total of 44 incidents in which a total of 354 people died in a mass shooting. It would appear that 3 or more individuals dead is the definition for a “mass shooting” in this survey.

So from August of 1982 to December of 2007, a period of 25 years, 354 people died in mass shootings. That equates to 13 people per year over 25 years dying in mass shootings of 3 or more people.

Now what happens beginning in 2008 (the year Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the nation)?

From 2/7/2008 to 6/12/2016 (8 years) there have been (so far) a total of 39 incidents in which 325 people died in a mass shooting of 3 or more people. That equates to +/- 40 people per year over just 8 years dying in mass shootings.

354 dead over 25 years prior to the disciple of Saul Alinsky (Barack Obama) coming to power. After the disciple of Alinsky is inaugurated and with the blessing of a non-existent opposition party 325 are dead over just 8 years.

What do you make of this?

In just 8 years of modern Democrat Alinsky Liberalism, the philosophy of peace, love, prosperity, inclusiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, etc., almost the same amount of people have died in mass shootings as died for the prior 25 years.

Do you believe Democrat Alinsky Liberals want peace in the nation? If you believe this, why do you believe it?

What need would there be for Liberals if all the grievances of the various groups they purport to represent were finally satisfied?

If there’s no need for Liberals, how will they retain their positions of authority? If they do not retain their positions of authority, how will they funnel taxpayer monies to themselves to buy their cars, clothes, houses and jewels? How will they funnel taxpayer funds to their various campaign coffers? How will they funnel taxpayer monies to the charities they run? How will they funnel taxpayer funds to the businesses they and their friends run?

Don’t forget Solyndra.

How will they dine at the finest restaurants, how will they purchase the finest copies of Piss Christ at New York art auctions? How will they impose their will on the common man?

How will they continue to suck the life out of the nation while enriching themselves off the backs of the common man if the grievance groups are satisfied and they (that is, the Alinsky Democrats) are no longer “needed”?

Ask yourself a common sense question –

“Does modern Democrat Alinsky Liberalism survive if they actually implement real solutions that will truly work to correct the problems they tell us the nation faces? If not, what is the incentive for Democrat Alinsky Liberals to implement real solutions?” 

Naturally you must also consider whether the problems the Alinsky Liberal identifies are even real problems in the first place. Don’t ever forget a Liberal will lie for the cause like a Muslim will lie for Taqiyya. 

Did you hear Hillary Clinton recently? Did you hear her say how in the first 100 days of her administration she will begin to implement “real” economic policies to bring back the highest paying jobs we’ve ever seen in the country since time began?

Well why not now?

If Democrat Liberals know how make these jobs happen why not DO IT NOW? Why are they waiting?? 94 MILLION Americans are out of work and need a job NOW!

Why wait?  What better way to get elected than to have some of those 94 MILLION out of work Americans working before November wouldn’t you say?

So why then? Why wait?

Friends, brethren and countrymen…think about it.

Remember the mantra for the modern Lenin-Alinsky Democrat:

We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth… We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”
– Vladimir Lenin

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