TheStupidItHurts: HealthCare Horror – The Liberal Response

My good friend, TheLiberal, responds to this article as follows:

Unless there are zero insurers in the marketplace, I think you mean companies got switched, instead of lose.

The above is a prime example of how Liberals will lie to you in their attempt to justify the inevitable failure that results from implementing Liberalism into practice.

This, of course, is reminiscent of the argument made by Liberals when the misery of Obamacare first began to spread like the painful, oozing boil it continues to be – you didn’t “lose” your plan, you just got “switched” to a more expensive plan that had different coverage options than the original plan with which you were perfectly happy!

That’s not a loss you see. You didn’t lose anything.

Never mind that the plan with which you were perfectly happy is no more, i.e oxycontin generic., it does not exist. That’s not a “loss” of your current health care plan as long as something, regardless of how miserable it will be to you and your family is forced upon you with the threat of penalty for noncompliance.

Never mind that for a family of four paying $1000 per month for insurance now, that plan is gone in 2017, to be replaced with a “scaled back” plan that will increase your premiums by $400 per month, $4800 per year.

But your original plan isn’t “lost”, nay it’s just been switched!

You mustn’t believe them. I hope you won’t anyway.

Do you believe Liberals care about you?


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