TheStupidItHurts: Firearm Farce

And another Liberal speaks yet again about that which he hasn’t a clue.

Watch this utter moron make claims to a CNN reporter (who is just as much a moron as he is) about the AR-15 rife:

Rep. Alan Grayson: An AR-15 Rifle Can Fire ‘700 Rounds In A Minute’

No, Rep. Alan Grayson—an AR-15 rifle cannot shoot 700 rounds per minute. And CNN’s Erin Burnett did nothing to press him on this outrageous claim during her on-camera interview with him Sunday. Now, the AR-15 wasn’t the rifle used in the Orlando attack, which left 49 people dead in the worst mass shooting in American history. It also was a likely terrorist attack, but let’s discuss these remarks by Grayson because it shows how the anti-gun Left has no clue what they’re talking about.

These are the stupid.

These are Liberals.

This is Liberalism.

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