TheStupidItThreatens: More Thug Liberalism

Well lookie here…more evidence of potential violence on the part of, who, Trump supporters?

Nope…Liberals. As if we couldn’t guess.

It does seem hypocritical that the most compassionate, the most evolved, those of the highest intellect, the most inclusive, i.e., Liberals, should behave in such a fashion?

You get that for which you vote.

These are thug Liberals. And this is Thug Liberalism.

AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans

The Associated Press is warning its reporters to stay vigilant after several received harassing messages from supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Danny Spriggs, the AP’s vice president for global security, said some reporters have received angry emails, social media messages and phone calls after the AP declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

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