Transgender Totalitarianism: The Populist Response

Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.”

John 14:6

Regarding this article, my good friend, TheLibertarian, replies as follows:

These are all miniscule, little issues……let’s instead look at the BIG picture:

When you look at the state of the USA in say the 1950’s or early 60’s prior to the communist revolution (termed the ‘civil rights’ revolution by many)- look at the state of the country, it’s laws, it’s morals, it’s values of that time, etc… then compare it to those things of today, I don’t see how any decent man can come to any other decision other than this country is gone. But once you add up extra factors such as mass immigration, both illegal AND legal, replacing the original inhabitants, the cultural extermination via historic monument removal happening now in every city of the South, political correctness, affirmative action, etc…….then you take that step even further and can’t help but to come to the conclusion that the empire, Babylon needs to be broken up or our people are toast. 

Is this true? Do we have nothing more than a “miniscule” issue here?

What about the virtual loss of the concept of objective truth? Does it mean anything for a society to lose that concept? Reckon that’s nothing more than a “miniscule” issue as well?

Consider what Liberals are attempting to do here.

The entire mess came about when the city of Charlotte, NC attempted to force public and private businesses in that city to allow anyone of any sex to use any restroom, shower, changing room or any other area normally reserved for individuals of the same sex to become disrobed for whatever reason.

That means at the YMCA or her local public school where you’re child might be doing, e.g., some after-school sports activity, she could find herself in a situation where she enters an open shower normally reserved only for females and while showering a male (or males) appears in the shower stall next to her. The same would apply at any place where any type of activity that might require full or partial nudity takes place. In many of these places, it’s not reserved for specific age groups either, i.e., she might find herself in the local gym locker room where adults exercise together with children, or she might find herself trying on clothes with adults just in the next stall. Now she might find herself showering with adult men. Now she might find herself changing around adult men.

But it’s just a “miniscule” issue.

How does the rational individual brush off such an environment for the various women in their lives as “miniscule”? Well there’s precedent for that kind of thinking…that’s what the Liberal op-ed morons at the Charlotte Observer argue you should believe as well.

It’s considered a “miniscule issue” by some that your young daughter, granddaughter, wife, sister, aged mother, etc., should be forced to look upon and e.g., shower within physical proximity of strange males and their exposed genitalia. It’s a “miniscule issue” that she could find herself disrobed around individuals (yes, who’s going to stop multiple men from becoming a group of women??) who thought to decide themselves into becoming women for a day or perhaps for an hour…who knows and moreover who has the right to judge? If I wish to decide for that 15 minutes I’m a girl who’s going to tell me I can’t when I have the full faith and power of the United States Department of Liberalism on my side? Who? You?

Indeed she just needs to get over it and move on for goodness sake! It’s just a penis. She’s naked, those 3 dudes on either side and behind her are naked…what’s the big deal?

It’s just a “miniscule” issue.

But even beyond this (which is enough it would seem), an even more sinister effort is underway via this transgender “rights” nightmare to destroy the notion of objective truth in American society. Destroying truth is the only way Liberal Statism can survive as a political philosophy in a society that still has the ability to choose it’s leaders. With truth in the way, Liberalism dies because Liberalism is false; it has been and never will be able to overcome that problem. Once truth goes by the wayside, however, it’s only a matter of time before society crumbles into chaos.

But the loss of truth is just a “miniscule” issue. I’m not seeing the big picture it appears.

After the state assembly of NC nixed the Charlotte ordinance, the United States Department of Justice issued a public statement condemning the action taken by the state legislature and declaring a lawsuit against NC with the cause of action being discrimination on the basis of sex:

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced today that the Justice Department has filed a complaint against the state of North Carolina, the University of North Carolina (UNC) and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS) alleging that they are discriminating against transgender individuals in violation of federal law as a result of the state’s compliance with and implementation of House Bill 2 (H.B. 2).  H.B. 2 requires public agencies to treat transgender individuals, whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth, differently from similarly situated non-transgender individuals.

The complaint, filed in the Middle District of North Carolina, follows the department’s notice to the defendants on May 4, 2016, that they are in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA).


At issue here is this notion of “transgenderism”. Because NC’s H.B. 2 bill requires human males and females to behave like human males and females with regard other members of society, the DOJ has deemed this as discrimination.

No longer is a person male or female because of DNA, X and Y chromosomes, science, fact, reality, truth, etc., rather, a human is whichever sex they choose to be according to their psychological state at any given time. You don’t even get to define an objective time period with which the human can claim itself male or female…it’s all relative. No objective standard of truth may be defined.

What the DOJ is attempting to do here is both illegitimately interpret into the law the notion that “transgender” is a sex and nullify any notion of a human being’s true sex as static or objective. Isn’t this a contradiction in and of itself? How do we rationally assign a sex (transgender) but then argue it doesn’t exist at the same time? After all, it only follows that if one is able to claim to be transgender on Tuesday then one can claim they are no longer transgender on Wednesday. If the government wins this argument, what’s to stop such irrationality from spreading further into the nation’s inner fabric; into its psyche?

But this sort of treacherous and confused logic built into the very laws of the nation is just a “miniscule” issue.

Let’s suppose I grant my friend’s argument and we toss out of the country all those of non-white, non-European descent in the United States but we don’t have truth. What are we left with? A bunch of lying white guys, i.e., a bunch of white Liberals.

Without truth there is no morality, without morality there is no judgment, without judgment there is no justice, without justice there is no peace, without peace there is only war and a nation divided against itself will not stand.

So tell me again how “miniscule” an issue the loss of objective truth is to America?

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