TheStupidItHurts: What Liberals Think About

My good friend, the Liberal, allows the following:

Where’s those trump tax returns? 

Veterans’ Charities Say Trump Hasn’t Handed Out Donations

The two questions at-hand are Trump’s tax returns and the donations given to TheTrumpster when he skipped the January 2016 Republican debate in order to stump for vets.

We’ll take on the Trump tax return issue here.

I’ve never understood the Liberal’s fascination with other people’s tax returns. What is it, envy, perhaps?

Does the conservative care what other people make?

I don’t. I couldn’t care less. It’s none of my business. More power to you to make as many honest bucks that God is willing to give you!

So, do I need to know how much money a candidate for political office makes in order to determine whether I’m going to vote for him? Is it any of my business in the first place? If so, why is it my business?

And why don’t Liberals want to know where the Liberal’s tax returns are? As of the date I received the above from my good friend the Liberal, Bernie Sanders had not released his tax returns? Did I get an email asking me where Bernie’s tax returns were?

If we must have any one political candidate’s tax returns shouldn’t we have all? If not why not?

Now I grant you some interesting things can come about once certain types of candidates do release their tax returns…

For example, when a socialist finally releases his:

With all of his itemized deductions, Sanders’s taxable income was significantly lower than it would have been if he had taken the standard deduction. The deductions left Sanders and his wife paying $27,653 in federal income taxes in 2014, on a joint income of $205,271 — an effective federal tax rate of 13.5 percent. If that seems low to you, your instincts are right: According to the Tax Foundation, the average federal income-tax rate for a couple making $200,000 to $500,000 in 2014 was 15.2 percent. The “millionaires and billionaires” that Sanders is so fond of berating payed, on average, just more than twice as much of their income (27.4 percent) in federal taxes as he did. 

On the campaign trail, Sanders’s taxation philosophy is simple: If you can pay more, you should; deductions are not a justifiable reason for a wealthy person to pay a lower effective rate than someone who earns less. His web site declares, “We need a progressive tax system in this country which is based on ability to pay. It is not acceptable that corporate CEOs in this country often enjoy an effective tax rate which is lower than their secretaries.

Now since corporate CEO’s are enjoying an effective tax rate of 27.4% and according to Sanders said CEO’s are enjoying a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries, it follows that Sanders is enjoying an even lower effective tax rate than those evil CEO’s compared to the same secretaries. Remember, he paid a 13.5% effective tax rate, less than half that of corporate CEO’s and according to him those CEO’s are paying less than their secretaries.

And if it isn’t acceptable for corporate CEO’s to enjoy a lower tax rate than their secretaries, why is it acceptable for wealthy socialists like Bernie Sanders to enjoy a 50% lower tax rate than those same secretaries?

Shouldn’t Sanders and other Liberals step up to the plate and put their money where their mouth is?

Why is Sanders choosing to take itemized deductions over the standard deduction to reduce his effective tax rate when secretaries are paying a higher effective tax rate than he is and according to him this is completely unacceptable? Shouldn’t Sanders and other Liberals refuse to take any deductions whatsoever, including the standard deduction?

Shouldn’t Sanders and other Liberals voluntarily pay a tax rate at least as much as the secretaries the Liberal claims to champion? And if they were to be true to their rhetoric, shouldn’t they voluntarily subject themselves to an even higher rate than said secretaries?

If they don’t, isn’t this hypocrisy?

Of course it’s hypocrisy.  But isn’t that they way it always goes with Liberals? Hasn’t the term “Hypocrisy” become pretty much a synonym for “Liberalism”?

Nevertheless, the Liberal will be allowed a pass on his hypocrisy because he is a Liberal. Liberals are better than the rest of us, hence, not subject to the same moral code they proclaim for the rest of society. The Liberal is a brighter, better, more compassionate, more evolved, more loving human being than the rest of us you see. The Liberal deserves more of both his and everyone else’s money because the Liberal will spend it according to the moral code of Liberalism.

(That is, after the Liberal reduces his taxable income to take advantage of the lowest possible hit to his cash…*wink wink*)

Imagine yourself as one of these. Imagine yourself as a Liberal. Imagine you believed the way they believe. Imagine you believed yourself beyond reproach simply because you are a Liberal.

And now, imagine this in the light of reality. Imagine everything you believed was a lie but you couldn’t recognize it. Everything you believed about yourself, your morality, your intelligence, your actions, etc. was a lie, but you couldn’t see it. What’s right is wrong, up is down, left is right. Imagine that all you believe true that actually is true is only so because of existential un-deniability (e.g., “the sun is red”).

Imagine you’re a Liberal like Bernie Sanders, who lives a life of complete hypocrisy and can’t even recognize it.

These are worthy of pity and prayer.

These are Liberals.

This is Liberalism.

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