TheStupidItHurts: Trumped by Trump? The Regressive Response

Liberals are quick to preach from their pulpits the idea of tolerance for their cult. When it comes to Liberalism, it is demanded the rest of society shall not be judgmental, intolerant or exclusive of the Liberal dogma, regardless of the harm to society of adherence to the same. Intolerance of Liberals and Liberalism will not be tolerated or you will be punished.

Where tolerance is preached, should it not be preached for all? Would it not be hypocritical for the Liberal to preach tolerance on the right-hand, but from the left hand deal out intolerance?

If this is true, what should we make of the following, offered by my good friend, the Liberal, in response to this article?

Rofl. This election proves your brand of religious nut, knuckle dragging, tea conservatism amounts to only a 20% wacko bird, crazy land minority. Otherwise Cruz, Santorum, huckabee, or Carson would be your candidate rather than trump. 

Hilarious. President Hillary.

Clearly, the response would appear to be hypocritical to the Liberal’s Dogma of Tolerance on its face:

  1. I am a “religious nut”
  2. I willfully practice “knuckle dragging”
  3. I am a “20% wacko bird”
  4. I am a “minority” living in “crazy land”

Do you feel the love? Do you feel the tolerance? Do you hear the inclusivity?

Or do you see the hatred…

How can it be that the only true arbiters of love, tolerance and inclusiveness, i.e., Liberals, speak in such a fashion as the above? They tell us they love everyone. They preach tolerance for everyone. They include everyone.

What about this minority point the Liberal makes? If I truly am a “20% wacko bird” minority, should I not only expect, but indeed demand to be tolerated, accepted and afforded special legal protections from local, state and federal governmental entities and private businesses simply because of my status as a “wacko bird” minority?

If not, why not?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the set of all LGBT individuals comprise only +/- 2.3% of the entire US population, and of that total the subset that “identifies” as transgender is +/- 0.3% if you believe the statistics. A transgender individual is born either male or female and yet, depending on the day, “identifies” as the opposite gender, despite indisputable DNA evidence to the contrary. Just to be clear, it is the mind of these individuals that becomes the sole determinant of their gender identity…not DNA, not reality, not Truth. Unlike the Liberal, I would not label these poor confused individuals as “wacko bird”, however, they clearly need psychological and spiritual help rather than pandering that affirms their confusion. The tender mercies of the Liberal are often cruel.

Regardless, given the stats above, shouldn’t it become a rule of law that businesses be required by government to provide suitable bathroom accommodations for me? Why shouldn’t I, as a “20% wacko bird” minority have the right to demand that all public and private bathrooms across the United States be required to maintain a readable copy of the Bible within them?

Of course the answer is because I am not a member of the “correct” minority group, i.e., I am not a Liberal.

Minority protections only matter when the minority group holds with the Liberal belief system. Or if/when the minority group might vote Democrat, as in the case of Muslim minorities and illegal immigrants, the former of which oppresses women both in their own countries and ours, as well as pitches LGBT individuals off the top of buildings to their deaths in other countries.

But Liberals seem content to overlook these transgressions as long as Muslims continue to support the Democrat governmental power structure, i.e. vote for them. Furthermore, Muslims should be afforded special rights and privileges in the public school system solely on the basis of their Islamic faith, while even the very mention of the name of the Christian God in the same brings lawsuits, weeping and the gnashing of Liberal teeth.

So what about this charge of hypocrisy? Does it stand or fall? With regard to Truth and that which is True, the charge stands, naturally. With regard to the Liberal, however, any such charge will always fall.

The Liberal will never be guilty of hypocrisy because such a charge is impossible. The charge is impossible because the Liberal’s belief system is incapable of accepting moral or intellectual infractions.

The Liberal, as a Liberal, is more evolved than the rest of us, hence superior both morally and intellectually. If one disagrees with the Liberal, one is either a “hater” or “stupid” or in most cases, both. We see this belief system rear itself in several ways, including how the Liberal can lie against his neighbor but remain guiltless, and/or lie with intellectual superiority as the justification.

So imagine yourself as one of these, as a Liberal. Imagine you believed as they believe. Imagine a  world where you call yourself a champion of the minority and yet in reality are a hater of them. Imagine that your belief system confirmed that which is false to be true despite the existentially demonstrable evidence to the contrary, evidence right before your face, evidence able to be embraced if only you had eyes to see and ears to hear. Imagine everything you believe true that actually is true is so only because of chance or existential un-deniability (e.g., “the sun is red”).

These poor individuals are why Stephen, while being stoned to death by those like them, cried out to Yahweh, “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do!”.

These are worthy of pity (as hard as it may be to pity them) and prayer. They don’t know what they do. They don’t have the ability to understand their folly.

These are Liberals. This is Liberalism.

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