TheIrrationalItHurts: Trumped by Trump?

Uh oh!

Have the Trumpsters (and therefore unfortunately by default all of us) been “trumped” by TheTrumpster?

In an interview today on the “entertainment” program of the same name, the following was allowed by TheTrumpster:

Trump: You Bet I Support Raising Taxes on the Rich

  1. Raise taxes on the rich?

“Leave it the way it is”: Trump opposes North Carolina’s bathroom law for transgenders

  1. Gender-challenged rights (a.k.a. a pedophile or rapists Utopia)?

Trump: “we’re going to create a path” for undocumented residents of the country to come back to the country legally after being deported. 

  1. Pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Who does this sound like?

Since the beginning of the Republican presidential campaign, I’ve heard from friends and family about how Donald J. Trump (a.k.a., “TheTrumpster”) is going to “make America great again!” Also since the beginning of said campaign I’ve asked these Trumpsters for evidence as to why they believe what they believe.

Sadly, not a single individual is able to provide anything other than anecdotal class evidence and most can’t even do that.

Remarkably…indeed astoundingly, some individuals even admit that TheTrumpster is a fraud when they’re asked for evidence concerning his credentials as a Constitutional Conservative:

None, in fact I don’t think that he is….it seems that none of them ever are you know. Thus is the state of politics in the USA!

So regardless of the fact that “TheTrumpster” is admittedly a fraud based on all the available evidence, the trumpster (or trumpsterette) somehow manages to rationalize their choice of Trump anyway in their own minds. How this rationalization is accomplished isn’t ever explained satisfactorily, rather, appeals to emotions are utilized instead:

“I just like what he’s saying!”

“I think Trump is great!”

These are the TheIrrational. This is Irrationalism.

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