TheStupidItHurts: Another Blazing Hypocrisy?

My good friend, the Liberal, sharply rebukes me with regard to the following:

Why are u letting 42 republicans reauthorize this corporate welfare deficit pig? 

Oh yeah, republicans like welfare for big corporations. 

Let the Export-Import Bank Die

Now the article linked above reports this:

Earlier this month, 42 Republicans and 176 Democrats used a rare procedural process to force the House of Representatives to take up a bill to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Of the 435 representatives in the House 188 of them are Democrats and 247 of them are Republicans.

Accordingly, if 176 of 188 Democrats forced the House to take up the reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank again, 93% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans voted to reauthorize the “corporate welfare deficit pig”.

So then, is the question at-hand why I’m letting “42 Republicans reauthorize this corporate welfare deficit pig?”, or would the question be more properly asked as, “Why are Liberals reauthorizing this corporate welfare deficit pig?”

Is there a Conservative in the Democrat party? If so, who? If not, then who is truly responsible for reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank?

Naturally, the only intellectually honest answer is that Liberals are responsible for reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank, as the LA Times correctly reports:

House bill revives Ex-Im Bank over conservative opposition

A strong coalition of establishment-backed Republicans and House Democrats voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to revive the Export-Import Bank, dealing a defeat to tea party conservatives and Speaker-to-be Paul Ryan.

So what about it Liberals? Why are YOU letting 218 other Liberals reauthorize this corporate welfare deficit pig??

Because you are Liberals? And this is Liberalism?

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